4 Steps to Install Commercial Solar

Commercial sectors are embracing solar at an alarming rate. It’s the reduced cost, tax credit benefits, adding value to the property, and eco-friendly features that are driving more business owners to switch to solar. To give a tough fight to the skyrocketing price hike of traditional electricity, considering hiring commercial solar panel contractors is a smarter decision!

Here are the four steps to install commercial solar—

Hire a reliable solar contractor 

In the first place, hire a leading solar installer vista with quite an impressive number of stars and positive feedback from previous customers. They should have hands-on expertise in installing commercial solar by a great team.

Inspecting the property 

In the next step, the professionals will check the property where they can install the solar panel system Bakersfield and other places. During this time, they suggest whether the roof will be the ideal place to install the PVs or the backyard if ample space is left there.

Get permission for rental properties 

Besides installing solar, if you want to improve the HVAC system of your commercial space, then ask the Tesla certified powerwall installer to check the space. You also have to get permission if it’s a rental property or if the state law has something to do with it.

Choose the best products 

The final lap is about choosing the products. If you don’t have sufficient information about the PVs, inverters, and even the heat pumps- if you’re installing, then ask the experts to help you. The best companies provide the best solutions to their customers for 100% ROI.