Ground Mounts

A complete solar panel installation solution for Agriculture.

We at American Array Solar realize how difficult, at times, it can be to show profitability in the agricultural industry. 

For many, one of the highest expenses is for their utility bill.  How would you like to be able to cut those costs dramatically, lock that expense in, and know exactly what that payment will be for years to come?

Ground and Raised Mounts

Labor costs, access to water, weather and market conditions all vary every year. Solar panels for farm use can offset a significant portion of overall operating costs and create greater business predictability. With the agriculture sector’s incentives and access to inexpensive solar financing, solar is a solid business decision with a rapid payback.

American Array knows from experience how to make agricultural solar projects successful.  We have worked with Growers, processors, vineyards, orchards, nurseries and a wide range of other agricultural businesses. 

Why Go Ground or Raised Mount?

  • No matter what kind of solar system you’re considering, this much is true: every solar array works best when it’s able to get as much sunlight as possible.

  • If you live in the United States, you’re north of the equator, so the sun leans south as the Earth orbits. Facing your array true south will capture the most daylight and produce the best results and the most production from the system.

  • Ground and raised mount systems can face any direction you want. You can align your system at the optimal angle so it points directly at the sun. For that reason alone, ground-mounted systems are most efficient, as they maximize access to the sunlight that powers the array.

  • When you go ground or raised mount, you’re under no such restriction – assuming you have the space in your yard. You can expand your array after the initial installation, and many ground mount racking options allow you to bolt on new additions easily.  

  • This means if you add on to your property and require more power, or if you find that your initial power supply just isn’t cutting it, you can add more panels as needed with minimum fuss.

  • Another major benefit to ground and raised mounted solar is accessibility. Solar systems require some trial and error, especially in the installation phase. It’s can be time consuming to have to get up on the roof every time you need to work out a problem with your system.

  • This is an even bigger selling point if you’re considering a system with microinverters and optimizers. With those accessories, there is a component under each solar panel and they can be difficult to replace on a roof-mounted system.

  • What happens if a microinverter in the middle of the array breaks down? In that case, you would have to remove several panels to access the source of the problem. When your system is on ground level instead of high up on the roof, it’s easier to troubleshoot panels and accessories.

  • Ground and Raised Mounts also makes it easier to clean your panels and perform routine maintenance on them. It provides you with more peace of mind to know you won’t have to risk your safety every time you need to brush snow off the panels, wash off dust and pollen, or remove debris from under the panels.

  • In many cases,  a homeowner does not have the option of a roof mounted system.  It could be the accessible roof sections are covered in shade.  The roof might not have large enough mounting planes for the solar that is required.  Maybe the customer is wanting to add some area for covered parking.  And in many cases, particularly in Agricultural applications, there is no roof to use at all!

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Professional design and installation assures all of our work to be the best and backed for 30 years. Our trained energy consultants will tailor a solar system to your homes & business unique needs.

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Professional design and installation assures all of our work to be the best and backed for 30 years. Our trained energy consultants will tailor a solar system to your home’s unique needs.



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