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Looking forward to making your home more energy efficient? Like any other homeowner, you might also be interested in installing more energy-efficient heating and cooling devices at your home. By doing so, you’ll not only save on monthly energy expenses but can also do a great favor to our environment which is already threatened by global warming because of excessive heat generation.

In Orange County, smart homeowners are installing heat pumps instead of the traditional HVACs. In comparison to other forms of heating and cooling options, the heat pumps are easy to maintain and cost-effective whether during installation or the later phase. Like any smart homeowner, you can also save up to 30% of your costs during winter heating in comparison to traditional furnaces. Also, enjoy faster and more efficient cooling.

To enjoy both cooling and heating from your heat pump, give us a call now. At American Array Solar, we provide the best and fastest heat pump installation services according to the needs of our clients. In your neighborhood, we have supported quite a few homes by offering them proper guidance and installation services for the heat pumps.

How does a heat pump work?

AC operation – Cooler Inside- Warmer Outside

  • The warm air from inside the house is sent outside through a cool refrigerant coil. The liquid refrigerant absorbs the heat and evaporates into lower-temperature gas. Now the cooled air comes back inside the house through the ductwork.
  • During summer, the heat pumps work similarly to an air conditioner. The work of an air conditioner is to absorb heat from the indoors and pulls it outside the house with the help of a refrigerant. By changing the pressure of the refrigerant fluids, the indoors become cooler.
  • At lower pressures, absorbing the heat from the air and evaporating it from liquid to gas is possible. With higher pressures, the gas refrigerants absorb more outside air of higher energy and thus pass heat to the air surrounded. Next, the refrigerant gets back to liquid form after cooling.

Therefore, by controlling the pressure of the refrigerant, the heat pumps extract the heated air from the house and give back cooler air through the ductwork.

Heater- How do the Heat Pumps keep the interiors warm in winter?

  • During winter, the mechanism works in reverse mode. The heat pump now extracts the outside heated energy and drags it back inside and circulates via the air ducts.
  • Even if it’s comparatively cooler outside, the mechanism absorbs the existing heat energy from outside that it receives and sends back indoors.
  • Similar to the air conditioning cycle, the gas refrigerant is pressurized to lift the temperature. When the heat pump is absorbing the air inside the home, the mechanism warms up the air to keep the indoors warm.
  • It’s a constant cycle that works according to the heat pump you installed for your home.   

You don’t have to insulate your home unless you want to along with installing your home with a heat pump. At places with below minus degree weather, you need the support of a furnace if the heat pump doesn’t show efficiency.

In extreme weather, the experts thus recommend not only installing a heat pump with a higher capacity to provide the best heating and cooling services but to keep a furnace as SOS. If the temperature reaches below-freezing point then the furnace is the ultimate savior to keep your home warm.

However, in Orange County, heat pumps are loved by most homeowners according to our survey. If you’re also willing to save more on your monthly energy expenses, call us now! We are here to provide you with an instant cost estimate.



Professional design and installation assures all of our work to be the best and backed for 30 years. Our trained energy consultants will tailor a solar system to your homes & business unique needs.

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Professional design and installation assures all of our work to be the best and backed for 30 years. Our trained energy consultants will tailor a solar system to your home’s unique needs.



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